Three Agency Shots. DDB, Hungary

A wise man once said, «Advertising is a rock’n’roll». Sounds cool, yeah? There is a lot of ad bands with different styles and directions in our industry.


So get ready, it might get loud. Today I’ll introduce you ‘The Subways’ of advertising business. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy ‘Three Agency Shots’ from DDB Budapest, №1 creative agency in Hungary.


Above all you can be absolutely sure this agency is full of ambitious people. As you can check through the pictures these guys really look like a rock band: guitars, jumpers and permanently cheerful atmosphere.


DDB Budapest does strong works for such big brands as Volkswagen, Amnesty International, Telekom etc. Just check out this simple and clever project for McDonald’s

Their style is a mix of fireworks, sex and drums. So as another man once said, “You can follow up golden players but I will follow up these guys»


One more picture


Many thanks to Peter Bekassy and Bence Bodnár for the info and these nice shots


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