Hey hey hey everyone! As you can see I am a big fan of 72andSunny. This is the agency where people don’t just work. They have fun and inspire others. Want to join these talented and energetic guys? Read how former writer intern Neha Dutta has done this.


What did you do to get a job at 72andSunny?

I met Owen Williams, the creative recruiter at my grad show. He liked a music video I directed and was more perceptive of my strengths. He gave me an opportunity to explore my strength as a copywriter. It has been the best experience ever!

How did new colleagues help you with adaptation at the new place?

People here are unbelievably awesome & generous. From the partners to the colleagues, everyone is always up for a good brainstorm and unconditional feedback. It’s fascinating how they nurture a learner’s environment.


Which creative person inspires you most?

There is no one kind of creative that inspires me. Films, music, books, psychology, art, photography, and even restaurant menus have all been a constant list of inspiration. And the list keeps evolving 🙂

What did you tell your best friend about an agency firstly?

Pinch me! I cannot believe this place exists. It’s a combination of all my favorite things – dogs, open spaces, beer, and awesome people!


Describe your latest day at the agency

There is never a dull day at 72andsunny – whether it’s meeting someone new from another team, or finding a new direction for your current assignment. My latest day — I began my day with a bowl of cereal, brainstormed with three brilliant women on Target holiday campaign, lunched with the intern family, worked on my writing at the picnic tables, watched an interactive Bob Dylan music video, made a new dog friend (woof!), and landed on the new direction that I was seeking. In all, a win-win!

In your opinion what’s the difference between American creatives and others?

What is really unique at 72andsunny, is that it’s an amalgamation of international creatives, which lends itself to more that one way to think. It is a genuine evolution of an idea when you put these eclectic brains together. When you work within one cultural set of people, conditioning comes into play. A diverse mix of people, like at 72andsunny is already a great combination for inception of unique ideas.


How do you feel about festival honors?

Who doesn’t like a little icing on the cake! Awards are an acknowledgement of your work. They reiterate you’re good at what you already love. You’re marching in the right direction & that you should fight for your ideas like you have nothing to lose.

What did creative director say about you latest ideas?

Focus on the simplest truth and say it in the most entertaining way you can imagine. But don’t be too clever. It’s the perfect oxymoron. Barton Corley & Galen Graham were just the best mentors! Learnt a lot about writing, rewriting & surfing from them!


What have you learned at 72andSunny through 3 months of your work here?

Take risks. Be persistent. If you are running a marathon with the best, you can’t be satisfied with being good enough. Be a learner, but learn fast and contribute to elevating that level of best.

What can you advise to start a career in agency of the dream?

Be adaptable. Be open to an environment of learning and evolving yourself. But also, NEVER doubt yourself and as T.S Eliot said “dare to disturb the universe.”


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