Hey everyone! How to become a copywriter if you’re stand up comedian? One guy knows. He is true Russian who was born in Kazakhstan, lived in the USA, got a degree in Canada and came back to Moscow to build a creative career at the biggest creative agency in Russia. Meet Evgeny Chebatkov, a creative intern at BBDO Moscow.


How did you become a creative intern at BBDO Russia?

To tell you the truth, that was a huge surprise for me. I was so disappointed, when I was canceled from the business program in Mars. They told me – «You are not serious enough». Well, now I found the place where I am so happy, and sometimes, I think, I am one of the most serious person in the office.

Why advertising?

Why? My question is — why not? Advertising – it’s about modern culture and modern human relations, sales and psychology, philosophy and sociology. That makes you become outstanding and unusual. I love it, man. And I hope, I didn’t choose advertising, but advertising chose me.


What did you do in the evening you’ve got a job?

I called my parents. They live in Kazakhstan and I miss them so much, that’s why I wanna makes them feel proud.

Which creative person inspires you most?

Louis CK. He is comedian, but all his stand ups and TV shows – stole my heart.


How senior colleagues help you to cope with difficulties?

Well, I actually don’t have too much problems, but new place is a new place, and adaptation in BBDO is so easy because of the people. I really cannot feel the difference between seniors and juniors – its equal team of the funny people. Of course, there few off my new colleagues helps me from the first day – taking me for a meal, helping me with a navigation and tasks.

Which of your partners’ habits inspire you or make you smile?

All of them. They are so funny, even the way they talks and seat. From the first day you understands that its not the regular office.


What do you do while you’re creating ideas?

I close my eyes. Turn on my favorite Blink 182 or Kendrick Lamar. Start a dialog inside my head. I am asking myself, and just looking for the answers.

Tell about your big aim here

Become a world famous creator. That’s fact, this is my goal. That is easy question for me, cause my personal philosophy sounds like: «no matter what is your profession – become the best in it».

Describe yesterday’s working day at creative department

Yesterday, my senior colleague took me in the pair brainstorm, for the first time. That was the toughest discussion about cats ever. After the hour of our «ideas throwing», I was the major translator, and helped everyone who needs fast transformation Russian information into the English.

What could you advise juniors to join such a cool agency?

Stay strong and leave your scares. The nicest and the most cheerful people work here. I believe, that’s kind of agency where just two ways to be in: successful and happy or account manager.


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