‪Hey everyone! Once upon a time one lad was looking for a job. He had a good friend at one agency. The agency was looking for a copywriter at that moment. Very soon this guy has got a job. Wanna find out more about real coincidence in creativity? Read the interview with Spencer Ashton, a junior copywriter at Mullen LOWE, USA


How did you get a job at Mullen?

‪I knew a friend working here as an art director and he let me know that Mullen was looking for a copywriter. I applied, had two Skype interviews, and then flew to Winston-Salem for in-person interviews. I got very lucky and was given an offer. It’s been great.

‪Tell us about some unusual task you did at agency

‪I had to represent my team in a potato sack race.


‪In your opinion what is the difference between the Mullen and other creative agencies in your country?

‪I think Mullen Lowe tries to keep the creative bar high on everything, whether it’s a TV ad or a social post.

What do you have in your bag right now?

‪A whole lot of peanut M&Ms and a pinecone.

‪Which your own rules do you follow every working day?

‪I try and stay up on what everyone else in the industry is doing by reading AdWeek and AdAge daily. Aside from that I try to mix every day up to keep life fresh.


‪If you can restart your career what would you do?

‪I think I would focus less on making spec campaigns and just try and create real fun experiences for people to interact with. Just make interesting stuff.

‪How did you report latest ideas to the creative director?

‪My art director and I held a brainstorm; we kicked ideas around until we found one we were really passionate about. After letting the idea marinate in our minds for a few days we went in and explained it to our creative directors.

‪Describe your own agency of the dream

‪To me the most important things about an agency is having good clients and great culture. My dream agency would draw in clients that appreciate and want creative solutions. It would also have a culture that would put collaboration and cooperation above competition.


Which celebrity would you choose as your CD if it could be?

‪Jack Black. I don’t know any celebrities very well, but Mr. Black seems to be a pretty fun guy who would make work interesting and create some brilliant stuff.

‪What can you advice to all young creatives of the world?

‪I’m not the best guy for giving advice, but I would say to find an agency/lifestyle that matches your personality. In my opinion finding an agency that you fit in with is way more important than working on that “big client”, because you will be happy and happiness inspires the best creativity.


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